Why do so many great ideas fail?

The biggest stumbling block is product-market fit.  Products that achieve it enjoy meteoric success.  Those that don't struggle to acquire and keep users.  Future growth is impossible without product market fit.

Even when a product does achieve product market fit, sales and revenue can be disappointing.  With so many distribution channels available, marketing teams often lack focus and fail to create the desired impact.

The key to achieving product market fit lies in a deep understanding of your consumer's needs and problems and an agile methodology.

User requirements are far from stable, too.  A product that's in demand today could fail tomorrow. 

The rapid emergence of so many disruptive technologies is changing the way people consume products.  The lowered barriers to entry means that competitors can spring up like weeds.  Staying competitive is a constant struggle.

Due to the rapid rate of change, it's almost impossible to predict how markets will change.  You have to roll with the changes if you want to stay in business.

So, how can we help? 

It all starts with our growth audit. This is an intensive overhaul of your current growth strategy. We will identify the weak points and target the changes that will accelerate your growth.

For instance, your product may not have achieved full product market fit. If so, you'll struggle to see good results from marketing. It's like you're dragging dead weight.

Maybe you achieved product market fit early in your company's life, but your growth has slowed. Product market fit is a moving target - consumer needs change quickly.

In either case, we will zero in on the source of your problems.

Analytics is another area where you might struggle. Without a reliable method of measuring success, it's hard to build sustainable growth. Your company can fail in two ways - you either analyze too little data, or too much.

We will help you transform analytics into an effective tool to guide and direct your growth strategy. Instead of "shooting in the dark", you'll be able to make informed decisions.  Short feedback loops will allow you to use your marketing channels more effectively.

We'll also analyze your marketing stack. There are many different tools that can accelerate your marketing and help you to scale up quickly. Each tool has its own place. Getting them to work together effectively is essential.

Following our growth audit, you'll have a complete roadmap to speed up your growth.

Our cross-discipline training brings your team up to speed, teaching them the skills they need to achieve viral growth and engagement or to remain competitive. We coach your team through the challenges and barriers.  And we help you identify opportunities and move fast enough to exploit them. You don't have a team in-house yet? No worries! We will set up a team for you and have them trained accordingly. Experienced growth hackers are assigned to assist your team, to help develop the growth hackers skills- and mindset and to grow your businesses into a regional or global success story.

Are you ready to accelerate your growth? 

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