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How to Find Hidden Profitable Niches

Finding the right keywords can turn a struggling web business into a highly profitable one.  But to find the best keywords, you need to look in places where your competitors don't. Most marketers follow outdated advice.  They miss out on easy rankings, tons of visitors and conversions.  Instead, they fight with thousands of other marketers over the same low-traffic keywords.   

We'll teach you a simple 7 step process that you can use to find new niches on demand - niches that are full of highly motivated prospects and future customers.  When you follow the steps, you'll find hot niches that most marketers overlook. With fewer competitors to worry about, ranking is easier. The visitors are more likely to convert, too.

How to Find Keywords that Actually Send Traffic to Your Site

Too many keyword research methods are based on old SEO strategies that no longer work today.  Automated keyword research tools worked fine back in the days when SEO meant spam.  Back then, SEOs used to build huge websites targeting thousands of keywords.  Some pages would rank, others wouldn't.  SEO is an ever-changing field, and you have to keep your knowledge up to date if you want to succeed.  

We’ll teach you what works right now.  You'll learn how to go from a simple idea to a big list of winning keywords in 8 simple steps. 

How to Avoid Useless Traffic - and How to Spot the Low Traffic Keywords that Can Generate High Income

Most marketers know that the most important keyword statistics in SEO are search volume and competition count.  But the big problem with things that "everyone knows" is that they're usually wrong.  There is one statistic in keyword research that can make the difference between massive income and going broke.  

Sometimes, high volume keywords are worthless.  Even if you could have a top ranking without any effort, you'll only run up hosting bills serving content to people who will never buy your products.  

Some keywords are worth fighting for.  Even if their traffic volumes are low, it's worth fighting and beating tough competitors to reach the number one ranking.  We have seen sites with tens of thousands of visitors per month struggle to make enough to cover the hosting bills.  And other sites with only a few visitors per day have consistently earned thousands of dollars per month.  

We’ll teach you how to spot the great keywords, and which keywords you should avoid.  We also teach you how different types of keywords can support different phases of your marketing strategy.

Competitor Research: The Key to Winning the SEO War

The surest way to waste your time, effort and money is to pick a hard keyword.  We often see SEOs locked in a grim battle to win the #1 spot against tough competitors.  And the real shame is that they often overlook easier keywords that could drive more traffic sooner.  

It's a simple fact of life that some keywords are much harder to rank than others.  And it's not always the most valuable keywords that are the hardest.  Sometimes it can take an incredible amount of effort to rank for a mediocre keyword.    

We'll look at how you can spot the keywords that will be easy, and how you can avoid the tough ones.  We'll show you how you can put your competitors under the microscope and dissect them.  

At the end, you'll know how to make the most of your SEO resources, to generate traffic profitably and rapidly.

How to Win at SEO in 2017

Search engines are constantly evolving - which means that SEO is constantly evolving too.  But many of us are stuck in the past, using techniques that worked a few years ago, but are no longer effective.  Some “experts” have even decided that SEO is dead.    

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s actually alive and well.  In fact, today’s environment offers an opportunity to get more from SEO and content marketing.  Winning in SEO means adopting new strategies and tactics, but it’s actually quite easy when you know how. 

Finding The Influencers in Your Niche

Every niche has its own set of influencers - people who demand and get attention.  They have a large audience of followers, and their opinions shape the future direction of the market.  If you know how to network with these influencers, you can use them to shortcut your expansion phase and grow a large audience quickly.  Before you can network with the influencers, you need to know how to locate them.  And you must learn to recognize the subjects that they are passionate about.  

That’s what we will be teaching you.

Building Profitable Relationships

Today, SEO and Internet marketing are less about beating algorithms and more about using relationships to reach a wider audience.  In other words, the balance has shifted from machines to people.  While some will resist this idea, the people who embrace it will see more traffic and higher conversions than ever before.  

This topic shows you how to build powerful relationships with the important people in your niche.  And you’ll learn how to become a key member of any web community related to your subject.

The Anatomy of Great Content that Wins Links and Shares

Great content has a better chance of reaching its audience than ever before.  The viral effect has been a factor in building popularity since the earliest days of the web.  But starting a wave of viral interest was hard - there were lots of technological barriers to overcome.  People had to work hard to share your content.  Today, anyone can share your content at a click of a button.  Viral traffic is more of a factor than at any time.  Even so, most published articles fail to live up to their potential.  

We will show you the hidden triggers that force people to share your content, and we show you how to build them into every piece of content you create from now on. 

The Niche Hub Amazing Curated Content Made Easy

This lesson covers the Niche Hub, which is the first of our content blueprints. The niche hub is extremely easy to build, but it’s also very valuable.  It’s designed to trigger viral sharing frenzies, and it has built in “influencer appeal” to help you reach wide audiences fast.  

The topic is backed up by a step-by-step worksheet that breaks the entire process down into a simple formula that you can follow over and over again.

The Content that Influencers Love to Link To

Next, we introduce a type of content that influencers will love to share.  In fact, they’ll find it almost impossible to resist.  When you publish this content, you can expect an immediate influx of powerful links and targeted traffic.  And you’ll also be forming a strong bond with the most influential people in your niche.

How to Get the Influencers to Write the Content For You

Your audience is crying out for in-depth detailed content based on specialized knowledge.  This blueprint shows you how to build this content.  And you’ll have the added benefit of having the content written by the biggest names in your marketplace.  

Not just that - it also shows you how to reach a very wide audience quickly.  If you’re thinking this sounds expensive, you couldn’t be further from the truth.  We’ll show you how to achieve these objectives for free.  

With all of these content types, you achieve several goals at the same time.  While you boost your site’s SEO ranking, you’ll also gain an immediate surge of traffic to your site.  And you’ll be strengthening valuable relationships with industry leaders. 

Infographics - The Modern Link Magnet

Infographics have emerged as one of the most effective and persuasive types of content.  People love them, and the appeal is more than a passing fad.  You can use them to effortlessly convey complex ideas, and to persuade, inform, and delight. What’s more, infographics are fantastic tools for building links and high-value traffic.  

We will show you how to create infographics that create a huge impact and how to craft a compelling story and persuade your audience in the smoothest possible way.  At the same time, these infographics will include all the ingredients necessary to guarantee massive quantities of backlinks and traffic.

How Infographics can Win an Endless Stream of Links and Traffic

We aren’t finished with infographics yet.  Although there are promotional techniques that work with any type of content (covered in lessons 14 and 15), infographics have their own unique promotional opportunities.  

Join us as we show you how to get masses of high-value links and immediate traffic using your infographic. We’ll also reveal the secret to turning a single infographic into many different pieces of traffic generating content.  They will create multiple streams of traffic to your site. 

Breathing Life into List Posts

List posts are a popular content type.  The problem is that they’ve been abused over the years.  Too many lazy marketers have thrown up hastily scribbled list articles.  The result is burnout.  Influencers and bloggers have learned to ignore list posts, seeing them as another pile of recycled trash. But that doesn’t mean list posts don’t work.  

We’ll show you how to make an entirely different type of list post.  An engaging, fascinating and irresistible piece of content that turns readers into rabid fans, and influencers into evangelists. 

Tap into the Power of Stunning Case Studies

Your audience is tired of opinions and know-best attitudes.  They’re fed up with the constant stream of theories and conceptual content that doesn’t work in real life.  They don’t want another recycled rehash.  What they’re crying out for are results, evidence, and proof.  Here’s how you give it to them.  

In this lesson, we show you how to produce content that takes your cynical, burned out audience and gives them hope.  We show you how to go from content peddlar to genuine hero in your reader’s eyes.  Follow the steps in the worksheet, and you will change people’s lives.

The “Mentor Method” - How this Little-Known Tactic Makes You an Overnight Expert

How do you move from content marketer to being a genuine influencer in your own marketplace?  It takes more than expert writing to establish yourself as an expert.  If you want to win the minds and hearts of your readers, you must transform yourself into a trustworthy expert in their eyes.  This is a process that’s supposed to take years of dedicated hard work and paying your dues.  

We show you how to shortcut the entire process.  We’ll reveal a type of content that can make you famous, and will lead to more opportunities than you could ever pursue. 

How to Dominate a Niche with Ultimate Content

It’s all well and good to become an influencer in your marketplace.  But we all have bigger ambitions.  If we’re honest with ourselves, we all dream of dominating our markets, becoming the top dogs.   It’s great to have a website that ranks for keywords in high demand.  It’s something else to have a website that ranks for every single important term in your niche.  

This lesson shows you how to achieve that.  It’s not an overnight process, but this is your ultimate destination.  We’ll show you how to arrive in style. 

How to Get More Traffic from Your Content

We’ve examined keyword research, to uncover the hidden high-value keywords that your competitors don’t even know about.  We’ve looked at the secret triggers that force people to share your content.  And we’ve revealed 9 sure-hit content blueprints.  Surely you know everything about generating traffic already?  

By the end of this lesson, you’ll understand why that was just the beginning.  Because we’re about to reveal content marketing techniques so powerful, you could literally destroy your web server with the amount of traffic you will get.  And, just to clarify, we’re not talking about promotional techniques or link building tactics.  We’re talking about strategy, and the elements you include in the page. 

Opening the Traffic Floodgates

Sadly, it’s not enough to write great content and wait for traffic.  You have to go out there and promote your content if you want to get people to read it.  Fortunately, we’ve been following a process that has been leading up to this point.  

In this lesson, we reveal how you can flood your site with wave after wave of highly targeted traffic.  And we’ll show you how you can keep this traffic going over time, so even if Google is taking a long time to rank your site, you won’t go hungry in the meantime. 

The Fastest Ways to get Powerful White-Hat Links

Backlinks are the heart and soul of SEO, ever since Google discovered the power of backlink analysis.  But while this technology makes it easier for search engines to eliminate spam and find high-quality content, it also makes it harder for us to optimize our sites for the search traffic they deserve.  

In the past, it was standard practice to turn to shady links schemes to promote your site, safe in the knowledge that Google would never penalize your site for having a few “bad links”.  Today, nothing could be further from the truth.  

In this lesson, we’ll show you how to build genuine 100% white hat links quickly and easily.  And what’s more, these links are much more powerful and effective than the weak mass-built links of the past.  Where you used to think of 1000 links, think of 10, or 5, or even 2.  And as if that wasn’t enough, these links will also bring a stream of valuable click-through traffic to your site.

Creative Tactics to Win Powerful Links

We’ve shown you how you can quickly build powerful links.  They were the types of powerful links that you wouldn’t even have imagined getting in the past - high authority links that boost your rankings and send traffic to your site.  They were fast to build, and free.  

Now we’re going to show you how to get unbelievably powerful backlinks - the types of links that make your competitors cry, give up, and run for the hills.  You’ll learn everything you need to know to dominate even the toughest marketplaces.  These links will take a little more work, but you’ll hardly break a sweat.  And the worksheet makes it extremely easy to follow the process.  

How to Scale Faster and Earn More with Outsourcing

So far, you’ve learned how to create irresistible high-quality content (with less effort than you would expect).  And we’ve shown you how to promote that content to create a huge wave of traffic to your site.  We’ve also shown you how to use the power of relationship building to establish strong connections with industry leaders.  

The methods we’ve shown you are simple, streamlined, and efficient.  And it’s totally possible to run this process as a one-man show.  But you will reach a point where your growth is limited by the amount of work you can do in a unit of time.  

The key to accelerating your growth is to outsource the work to a reliable team.  And today’s emerging “gig economy” means that it’s easier than ever to find the people who can do great work at a reasonable price.  But outsourcing comes with its own set of pitfalls.  If you approach it in the wrong way, it can halt your expansion and tie you up in a web of wasted time, effort and money.  

In this lesson, we’ll show you how to deftly sidestep the obstacles and smoothly transition to a strategy-management position, accelerating your growth towards total market domination.  

Introduction to growth hacking

This session gives a strategic overview of the growth hacking process, including when to focus on growth. We introduce the concept of product/market fit and why you must build a strong value proposition

Product Development and Lean Business Principles

By the end of this session, you will know how to identify a real market need. You’ll understand how you can provide a service or product that satisfies this need and you’ll understand the importance of a lean process. Most importantly, you will know that you must test an offer before committing heavily. 

Market Research, Branding and USP

This session explains how to gain a competitive advantage. Chances are, most of you will be entering competitive fields – that’s not a bad thing, as totally new ideas are very risky. But going up against established competitors requires planning. And it’s important to establish your own positioning to differentiate yourselves from the crowd.

By the end of this session, you will know how to do that.

The Essentials of Copywriting

This session shows you how to use “words” on your site to drive conversions. We will cover the core factors of successful copywriting, combining time tested methods with cutting edge tactics. You will learn how to reverse engineer your most successful competitors and develop a powerful sales message.

Basics of Web Development

This session starts with a broad overview of web development. It describes how to understand the user’s needs and put them first. Starting with a solid understanding of user requirements, you can then make the right design decisions.

Integration With Third Party Services

This session explains how you can integrate your product with third party services to increase growth. Third party services include social media channels, search engines, classified ad sites, and many more. Some of these services invite integration with developer friendly web services and APIs. Other services operate as a walled garden.  

In this case, web scraping offers an alternative method of integrating your product. In this session, we highlight the difference between the two approaches, and we point out some of the pitfalls that can effect both approaches.  

Finally, we provide some software architecture strategies and design patterns to minimize the impact caused when third party sites change their interface.  Armed with this knowledge upfront, you will be able to produce robust applications that survive major upheavals in the marketplace.

Funnel Marketing

Funnel marketing is a streamlined process that increases conversions through relationship building. It also builds equity and brand recognition in the process. In this session, we guide you through the process and give you the tools you need to guarantee long terms survival and increase the value of your business.

Scientific Marketing and Analytics

Before you can improve something, you have to be able to measure it. In this session, we introduce the tools and disciplines that you can use to improve your results. At the same time, we steer you away from the bottomless pit of overanalysis.

We’ll explain the key analytics that matter, how to gather them, and how to analyze them. 

Conversion Hacking

With a solid foundation in copywriting, web development, and analytics, you are already prepared to build a site that actually sells.  In this session, we show you how you can boost your conversions, opt-ins and engagement through a series of small improvements.

Testing Your Offer

By now, you will be fully equipped to put together a MVP and bring it to market. But not every concept is a guaranteed success. You may have to test several concepts before you find one that succeeds.

That’s the theme of this session, where we show you how to rapidly test and idea. In fact, you will learn how to test an idea before you have even fully developed it. 

Increasing Retention

It’s one thing to acquire a customer. But that’s no use if you can’t hold on to them. Some products are like a leaky bucket – they leak customers.

In this session, we take up customer retention, and how it applies to all stages of the sales funnel. Then we go into some tactics that you can use to measure and increase your customer retention.

Affiliate Programs

Marketing can be a risky field. Every marketing activity costs either time or money, and often the return is uncertain. Startups have limited resources, and it’s not uncommon for an inexperienced team to blow their budget with very little to show for it. 

This session explains how to virtually eliminate the risk through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows you to build an army of experienced marketers who will sell your product or service in exchange for a commission. The best thing is you only pay for results. Affiliate marketing provides an ideal channel to grow your customer base while optimizing your acquisition and retention.

Increasing Referrals

In the last session, we discussed affiliate programs. Affiliate or associate programs are a prime example of an incentivized referral program. The goal is to build an army of commission-only salespeople who drive growth in exchange for payment. 

When your customer base is small, affiliate programs are a great way to achieve fast growth. And they’re an effective long-term strategy, too.  As your customer base starts to grow, they become a powerful distribution channel in their own right. As long as you are providing your users with the features they need and want, you’ll get referrals without any effort. But with some careful nurturing, you can massively increase the number of referrals you get. 

In this session, we outline some successful tactics and strategies to increase the number of new acquisitions through referral channels.


While affiliate marketing is a quick and low-risk way to break into a new market, nothing beats the big advertising networks for reach. With Google and Facebook alone, you can reach your entire market sector.

This session explains how to roll out an advertising campaign. Along the way, we’ll teach you how to avoid the pitfalls and maximise your results. 

PR – Using the Press to Grow Your Customer Base

This session explains how you can use the power of the press to reach a wider audience. Along the way, we teach you to recognize opportunities in the news stream. We show you the right way to approach news outlets, and arm you with tactics and strategies to amplify your marketing messages.

Product Launches

Advertising and affiliate programs are quick ways to get your product selling. And they provide you with the raw data to tweak and optimize your sales process. But there’s a better way to rapidly build a large list of customers, and that’s through product launches. Product launches use the reach of well established sites and brands to sell huge volumes of your product, fast. But the real value isn’t in the income from those sales. Instead, it’s in the customer base you build.  Product launches can be a smooth ride, when they’re planned properly. They can also be a stressful and wasteful nightmare if they aren’t.

This session explains the right way to execute a product launch.

Scale your Operations

The final session in this series focusses on scaling your operations to meet the expanding needs of your business. While this may not seem as sexy as the other lessons, organizational bottlenecks can easily stall or even destroy your growth. So it’s vital that you understand this material and apply it throughout your growth phase.

What future growth hackers say about growth hackers society

Excellent course, the instructor definitely knows what he is talking about. Step-by-step and straight to the point instructions
Tim Stacey
There is a lot of value in this training. It is not the first course I took, and I can confidently say the strategies & techniques that James is sharing are outstanding, effective and unique
Kenneth PD
Superb training with lots of useful information. Probably the best course I have ever seen!
Probably one of the BEST COURSES I have taken. In particular, I loved the parts of how to find a hot niche market and pick the right keywords to rank for! It's something most courses miss, and it's key to winning the SEO game. The course was very helpful and states lots of actionable strategies and resources! 5 stars!!!
I can’t wait to test the strategies that are covered in this training! I’ll go through it even a second time. 100% practical information, no fluff, loving it. Waiting for more!
Divid Patterson
Lots of step-by-step information. It also contains lots of strategies I have not seen in other trainings!
Anna mallia


Who is this growth hacking education program for?

Our growth hacking education program is for business and marketing people, coders, designers, data scientists (or people with a background in data analysis, statistics, mathematics or science) with a master's or a bachelor's degree

Can I only follow the online masterclasses?

No. It is not possible to start the online study period without the real-life project at a growth company because the real-life project is essential to control the practice

Can I apply if I’m not living in Belgium?

Yes! We will evaluate your application according to your education, experience, motivation, skills and demographics which serves the matching with growth companies

What if i’m not assigned a real-life project at a growth company?

People who have successfully registered but who are not yet assigned a real-life project at a growth company will be placed on a waiting list. As soon as a real-life project becomes available they will again be taken into consideration

How long to fulfill a complete program?

The full program take 6 months. A real-life project at a growth company normally starts 3 months after the beginning of the study period. In mutual consultation with the growth hackers society team and the responsible person of the growth company this may be waived, as long as there are at least 3 months of study time and 3 months of real-life project period. The full program also need to be clearly completed within 12 months

Is it possible for me to get hired?

Yes! People who have followed the complete 6 months growth hacking education program get the chance to get started right away at one of the companies that are part of the growth hackers society

What is the enrollment fee?

At present our growth hacking education program comes free of charge for graduate marketers, coders, designers or data scientists (or people who have a background in data analysis, statistics, mathematics or science) looking for a job. Shoot us an email when you are employed or self-employed at the time of registration

What courseware is used?

At the growth hackers society we are focussing on knowledge activation, processing and interaction. Therefor our online masterclasses include video recordings, study tasks through worksheets and knowledge tests through quizzes

Is there any examen in the end?

No there is not

What skills will I learn?

You will be educated to apply growth hacking theory, techniques and experiment methods to analyze data and create insights aligned with the growth objectives of an organisation. Skills usually consist of a mix of digital marketing (SEO, copywriting, content promotion, link building), UX, UI, coding, conversion rate optimisation, lean startup and/or other fields important to enable a business sustainable long-term growth


Are there any prerequisites?

There are no mandatory prerequisites, although some experience in online projects is beneficial

Will I meet fellow growth hackers?

Yes! As we are building multi-disciplinary teams that will work together on real-life projects at growth companies, you will definitively meet up with fellow growth hackers

Do you accept absolute beginners?

Sure! Taking away the skills, growth hacking is above all a mindset. That's why we love to involve and educate people as early as possible

How will this education help me with my career?

The problem is that good growth hackers are extremely hard to come by. Just like billion dollar companies, we refer to good growth hackers as unicorns. We like to talk about BATS talent – people who have skills across business, analytics, technology, and storytelling. It is rare to find someone who hits it out of the park in all these areas. While the demand just keeps going up

Research reveals there are 2.800 self-named growth hackers in Belgium listed on Linkedin. Compare that to the 17.000+ jobs on Linkedin for startup marketing and growth marketing positions: that’s a 6:1+ ratio

Who decides where the real-life project will take place?

One of our growth expert marketers will. We will always keep in mind demographics, although we cannot guarantee this

What level of English is required?

Our growth hacking education program is given in English. An excellent knowledge of English is therefore totally necessary

How can I ask questions during the online masterclasses?

We’ve got you covered! We answer the most common questions at the end of each online masterclass and growth hackers can discuss with fellow growth hackers through our forum. If you are still unsure how to apply any of the points that we discuss, you can ask us a question


Is there any certificate or diploma?

Yes! You will obtain a certification of attendance after you have completed the 6 months growth hacking education program. You are free to add the certification to your curriculum vitae

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